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The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast

Mar 14, 2022

Acceleration, Fulfillment, and Fearless Leadership with Transformational CEO Brendan Keegan

My guest on the show today is Brendan Keegan, CEO of the fastest growing fleet tech management company in North America-- Merchants Fleet. Previous to Merchants, Brendan had been CEO of companies ranging in size from 500 - 10,000 employees. He is a leader that is not only inspiring,, but can truly see a path to growth and acceleration that many others cannot. Brendan took Merchants Fleet from a threshold of $500Million AUM to over $2Billion in less than 5 years.In this show we talk about mindset in the culture of the business that Brendan addressed in order for employees to realize that the threshold was just a glass ceiling they could overcome. We also talk about the time he made a decision to focus on his family, recreate himself, and bring back a culture and environment that truly cares about employees and wants them to take care of themselves holistically. This is an episode you’ll want to keep coming back to.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Brendan chose to take a few years outside of the CEO suite to focus on family and what came out of it
  • Factors to consider in making a conscious decision between running your own business or being a CEO
  • How to make decisions and navigate crossroads considering long-term impacts to your quality of life
  • What to do when self doubt creeps in
  • What happens when you focus on full potential instead of “being the best”
  • Brendan’s 1-2-3 strategy
  • A common paradigm around time that creates glass ceilings
  • Creating a vision for your company that is actually effective
  • The themes their company followed that propelled the company from 500 Million AUM to 2 Billion
  • Where many companies fail in increasing their retention
  • An innovative look at growth opportunities for your employees
  • How companies can help their employees recover mentally and emotionally from the pandemic
  • A different, more fulfilling way to look at creating work/life balance for your people



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Brendan P. Keegan is the CEO of Merchants Fleet, the fastest-growing fleet technology company in North America, where he previously served the company as a client, board member, compensation committee chair and strategic advisor. He is an award-winning 6-time president and chief executive officer having raised nearly $3.0B in capital and returned over $6.0B to investors. Brendan has experience in business transformation, capital raises, strategy development, revenue growth, operational scale, technology enablement, and enterprise value creation with successful liquidity exits.


With a background in the financial services, technology and professional service industries, Brendan has aided companies ranging from 500 to 10,000 employees. Prior to these roles, he started his career at EDS as a systems engineer and progressed through the ranks rapidly to become the Fortune 100’s youngest Chief Sales Officer for EDS.


Brendan was recently named the world’s Most Innovative CEO by CEO World Awards®; Executive of the Year by Best in Biz Awards; and a Stevie Awards® winner by American Business Awards®.


Brendan serves as a member of the board for Revolution Armor & ExpressIT Logistics and serves as Chair of the Compensation Committee for both companies. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from RPI, MBA from George Washington University, and Executive Certificates from Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, MIT & U Chicago.