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The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

I got to know David Lehmann through a friend of mine and really wanted to share his story. He’s had a successful marriage, raised three kids, done really well in business and today is an Angel Investor. He enjoys working with younger CEOs and founders. His story paints a picture of how to make decisions on important transitions in life including moving to a foreign country and dealing with a potentially fatal illness and provides a much richer lense to look through.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to make decisions as a couple with different religious backgrounds
  • Parenting kids that know how to make impactful decisions
  • How diving into foreign culture can change our perspective on life
  • A lesson from a Dignitary
  • Creating situations where you can learn from multiple perspectives
  • Maintaining authenticity and vulnerability in business
  • Preparing yourself mentally for major health challenges and lessons from them
  • Using the pandemic to become more self-aware and having more compassion


David had a 27 year long career on Wall Street where he worked at four firms. In an unconventional move, he took a 3 year break to move to Paris with his wife and children. Today, he is an angel investor committing capital in the pre-seed stage. He also sits on the boards of three companies in an advisory role.

Book- Mixed Blessings

Book- Think and Grow Rich


“There’s a lot to be learned from just listening and watching.”

“My interfaith marriage, moving to a foreign country with young kids, and being diagnosed with cancer showed me that it’s all in how you react. All these experiences, I wouldn’t give any of them away. There are lows, highs, bumps and kicks in the ass and sometimes you need help. Pick up the phone and call someone. That’s a positive, not a negative.”