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The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

If you are a high-achiever, this one's for you! As we head into a new year there is often a drive for more. More money, more success, additional goals… all of which, if approached in the wrong way, leave us feeling empty anyway. We do have the opportunity to move beyond this story. We don’t have to sacrifice what is truly fulfilling for us in order to be “successful.” I would argue that that isn’t success at all. In this episode, we dive into this topic with Wylie McGraw, former star pitcher, competitive bull rider and 3 Tour Combat Veteran. He’s taken these experiences and broken down “high performance” and the beliefs around it. We’ll uncover ways to be vulnerable and attack fears in a way that alleviates stress instead of pushing it to the side.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:


  • How to unleash inner strength and own perceived limits
  • Why we constantly chase “more” but still come up empty handed
  • The difference between “high performer” and “high achiever”
  • The trap of wealth and notoriety
  • How suppression and avoidance may be impeding your growth
  • Using fear as a tool
  • The truth that is hiding behind your story
  • How sacrificing and suffering can be properly addressed to eradicate stress
  • What happens when you chase relief instead of resolution




Wylie McGraw, Is a former Star Pitcher, Competitive Bull Rider, and 3-Tour Combat Veteran.

It was through those intense experiences that he discovered his crazy

superpower of being able to expose blind spots, erupt & eradicate stress, and

fully unleash the untapped potential of high achievers.


He’s the founder of Radical Performance Acceleration and for well over a decade

now he’s been behind-the-scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs,

Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Public Figures accelerating their performance both

personally and professionally. His work is the proverbial “Navy SEAL training” equivalent to

high-performance and leadership development – pushing even the elite

beyond their limits so they not only hit their peak but sustain it. Wylie’s formal title is Performance Accelerator.


He’s been named a “secret weapon” by some of the most influential leaders

across industries from Wall St., Hollywood, Professional Sports, Fortune 500

companies, Personal Development, and everything in between. His work is about

giving an elite edge to high achieving individuals while ending their cycle of stress,

sacrifice, and suffering that's unfortunately associated when reaching their levels

of accomplishment and success.


When Wylie’s not traveling the country to meet his clients, this family man enjoys

skydiving, mountain top sunsets, and sipping on an occasional 18-year-old single

malt scotch while pondering the philosophies of life, the cosmos, and beyond.



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