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The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Over the years here at The Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment, we have come across many families dealing with massive change and adversity, alongside mental health issues like depression and addiction. As we all know, addiction affects the family as well as the individual. My guest today, Jonathan Edgeley, has created an amazing resource for these families in Montrose Retreats. He is a recovered addict himself, who through his own recorey, has built a holistic, medical and non-medical progress to support individuals going through what he has faced. In this interview we dive into some of the illusions and stories that families of addicts often tell themselves, and some of the signs of addictions in their loved ones that are missed.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jonathan’s early life and how his addiction began
  • The type of thinking that keeps you locked in unhealthy loops
  • Why addiction tends to lead to isolation
  • The first steps family members can take when they suspect loved one’s need support
  • Early addiction signs and patterns to look for
  • Using curiosity and compassion instead of shame
  • Where the recovery industry sometimes misses the mark
  • Why a holistic approach is vital to recovery













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BIO: Jonathan Edgeley, is a global behavioral health expert, speaker, and navigator, who compassionately guides individuals, and families through times of change. Jonathan and his multi disciplinary team of doctors, clinicians, coaches, and therapeutic teachers provide a hyper personal, and discreet health and wellness service to celebrities, executives, sports professionals and medium to ultra high net worth individuals and families.

Jonathan is on a mission to further reduce the stigma and negative connotation that mental health and addiction conjure up. By softening the language used ‘my team and I are moving away from traditional terms to a more compassionate and inclusive dialect’.

Through crafting, soul nourishing experiences, individual guests immerse themselves in hyper personalized programmes ‘we change one life at a time, on a cellular and spiritual level’. Through his own journey of battling addiction, Jonathan has made his passion his purpose helping transform the lives of many people to live a life without limitation.